Edith Braggiotti-Painting currently resides in Upstate New York. She graduated from Drew University with a B.A. in Studio Art and minors in Art History and Photography. She currently attends R.I.T. and is working toward completing her M.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her mediums of choice are oil paints and photography. 


Edith's paintings emphasize the enduring, yet ephemeral nature of memory and how it relates to the physical spaces she visits. She photographs her observations and uses them as a basis for her work. She renders "snapshots" of the environments she discovers while on the road, focusing primarily on the American West. Her work highlights the varied landscapes and the people of her surroundings that she happens upon. Her paintings reveal the deeply personal process by which an event is committed to memory. The photos she works from are the catalysts from which she derives inspiration. She simplifies and abstracts her own photos as she paints in order to emphasize the lingering impression of a specific moment. Her subjects' lack of facial features render them anonymous, yet familiar. Their form and environments imbue them with a recognizable humanity. With intense physical brushwork, she uses oil paint to manipulate space and surface. Through a mixture of layering, wiping away, and blocking out color, she represents the eccentricity and exhilarating uncertainty that a long journey or adventure brings.


Edith's photographs investigate the aesthetics of what happens when objects, structures or ideas are cast away. Her work explores the melancholy essence of the detached, forgotten and disregarded. By experimenting with primarily the formal elements of black and white film photography, she translates what she sees in the world into something unusual and unexpected. Focusing her attention on the built environment, her photographs present a strong emphasis on structural forms, shapes, and textures. Often devoid of human figures, she captures the eerie manifestation of her own surroundings. Throughout various towns and cities in the United States, she goes out into the world and explores the disconnected and removed elements that exist in everyday life.

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